?????? February, 2013

New SIngle & Special Shows

February 3, 2013 - 11:39 am ??? ??????

We are Happy to present the new single “Shadow Of The Palm Tree”, a cover of the classic song mostly known by the Zohar Argov rendition, which have inspired Karolina’s unique take that combines her rare vocal abilities & style with the fine musical production of Sabbo & Kuti
The song can be purchased at the Karolina’s official online store by clicking here
In other news – to celebrate the 1 year anniversary from the release of Karolina’s latest album, the successful “Zohar”, two special shows will be held in Tel Aviv. On March 20th at the Barby Club with Berry Sakharof, and on April 12th at the Zappa (mid-day show) with Mosh Ben Ari. More info can be found at Karolina’s official Facebook page