?????? April, 2013

Karolina & Boom Pam cover Led Zep!

April 25, 2013 - 12:56 pm ??? ??????

Karolina latest album Zohar have just celebrated it’s one year anniversary last month and for the happy occasion the album was released in a special edition with a bonus 4 song EP.

The EP titled Nagen Nagena contains 3 song in Hebrew –  Karolina‘s latest single Tzel Etz Tamar, a cover of the beautiful Zohar Argov song, Yom Bo Yakom originally preformed by Zila Dagan, and the Shalom Chanoch classic  Shachrer Oti. The 4th track on the EP is energetic cover by Karolina & the Balkan/Middle Eastern power-trio Boom Pam of the famous Led Zeppelin  song Black Dog.


You can Purchase the song at Karolina Bancamp webstore by clickling here.

The new edition can be purchased on iTunes.