Karolina is a unique multitalented Platinum selling artist: singer, composer and versatile performer. She is considered by many the indisputable Groove diva of Israel.

Karolina founded the band FUNSET in 2000 with the most promising musicians in Tel Aviv. They’ve been spreading their “Ragga Pumpkin” sound – a colorful and associative combination, as the name suggests, of Reggae, Nu Soul, and live Trip-hop – all over the country. The album received critical acclaim, including an ACUM (Israeli ASCAP) award for composition

In 2007 her acoustic folk project “Habanot Nechama” released their debut album, which went platinum in Israel and the track “So Far”, written and composed by Karolina, won her second ACUM award for “Best New Song of 2007″

Karolina’s debut hebrew solo album “What Shall I Do Now?” blends together the genres of rock, groove, funk, and soul to achieve a distinct 70′s feel. The first three singles released from this album, including “Happiness” and “Nobody is Coming for Me” have been Top 3 radio hits on Israeli airwaves and the album has been one of the best sellers in Israel in 2010.

In 2011 Karolina was asked to create the soundtrack for a documentary about Lea Goldberg (One of Israel’s biggest poets). Karolina chose to record a few of Lea Goldberg’s classic songs using only her voice (Acapela). The music won the Best Music Award by the Israeli Documentary Filmmaker’s Forum.

In early 2012 Karolina released her new album “Zohar” (Glamour).This album is produced by Uri Brauner Kinrot (Boom Pam) and blends together psychedelic Rock and Mediterranean sounds. The first 2 singles taken form this album: “Don’t be late”, and “Facing the Sea” became huge radio hits.

Karolina has also embarked on an international career.
She performed with Ziggy Marley in his recent stop to Israel (performing Bob Marley’s redemption song together) and opened for The Black Eyed Peas, Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu In their concerts in Israel.
Karolina’s tracks have been featured on compilations worldwide and on Kutiman’s recent album. “Buterfly Blues”, a track from her funset album was featured in the closing episode of “Californication” TV series. Fader Magazine’s music editors called Karolina’s music “perfect for summer jamming purposes.”